Our Vision

Did you know that the CCG and the Council commission (design and buy) over 400 different community services in Bath and North and East Somerset?

Did you know that these services are provided by over 70 different organisations?

Whether people are supported by community services as a one-off, for a short time period or for all of their lives, all these services have a critical role in helping people live healthier lives.

At the moment, community services are generally aligned to a specific disease or health condition, which doesn’t always serve patients with complex care needs, or those with multiple long-term conditions, as well as it could. 

Our vision is to create a more integrated service that treats people as unique individuals, placing equal weight on their physical and mental wellbeing.  We want to give people more control of their own care and increase their independence whilst ensuring that they can easily access an appropriate level of care and support before a crisis happens.

We also want to take away unnecessary complication from the way that health and care services are provided so that people don’t have to repeat their story over and over again to the different health and care professionals involved in providing their care.

We believe that the functions needed to deliver totally person-centred care and support are:


Find out more about these functions in Getting Started: Overview, our comprehensive guide to your care, your way.