Why was Virgin Care selected as the preferred bidder?

Over 50 service users, carers and subject matter experts have been involved in evaluating the two bids. Their individual scores and feedback have been combined and agreed to identify Virgin Care as the preferred bidder.

Virgin Care’s bid has faced intense scrutiny throughout a very rigorous process. The CCG and the Council have studied their financial, economic and legal arrangements in forensic detail in line with Government guidance and we are satisfied that they are fully compliant.

People told us they want more care closer to home.  Virgin Care will organise their services around GP practices so that people have access to a wider range of health and care professionals in their local community to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.
People told us that the separation between different services can make it harder to get the right support. Virgin Care plan to set up a care coordination centre so you only need to speak to one person to access all the services that can help you. 
People told us they only want to tell their story once. Virgin Care have tried and tested technology that will join up both health and social care records securely so that everyone involved in a person’s care and support, including the person themselves, has access to the information they need.